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    Your baby 7 weeks old

    Gepubliceerd op: 3-21-2019Bewerkt op: 3-21-2019
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    It is possible that there is now a little more time in between feedings, which means that you have more time for yourself. It is advisable to really spend that time on yourself.


    Your baby is learning to focus. Until now your baby looked in all directions, without really focusing on anything. This is now starting to change.
    It is a lot of fun to play with your baby. You can let your child follow your hand, or a toy, with its gaze. You can now also make more eye contact.

    Rest, cleanliness and regularity are valuable pieces of advice!


    Rest during the day, in other words, not too many impulses to process, helps your baby fall asleep when he or she is tired. Of course, during the time your child is awake, you want to communicate with him or her, play and get to know him or her. But don’t overload your baby, so he or she can process all impressions.


    It goes without saying that you take good care of your baby. Here too, the motto is: do not overdo it. Clean is clean. Your baby’s skin is still sensitive and vulnerable and washing too often with aggressive soap is not a good idea.


    Your baby benefits from predictability. When your baby experiences that things follow each other: sleeping, waking up, feeding, washing, cuddling, it makes him or her feel safe. However, regularity doesn’t mean that you have to feed your baby on schedule; on the contrary, your baby will indicate when he or she is hungry and when it is time for a feeding. But if you're very busy, with your other children for example, you can also feed on a fixed schedule; a baby can get used to that too.


    Postpartum tears that remain...
    Postpartum tears are probably a thing of the past now. If this is not the case, and you feel emotional, sad, or anxious at the most illogical moments, you may experience postnatal depression. You don't have to be embarrassed about that, as it happens to many women. However, do look for help, for example, ask your midwife or GP for advice. This way you can get through this difficult period more quickly.

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