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    Your baby 6 weeks old

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    Your baby is growing fast and is becoming increasingly strong and active. Your baby is kicking its legs and waving its arms.


    Your baby's gaze is becoming more focused and it can already somewhat look you in the eyes. And that is making it easier and easier to communicate with him/her. In the meantime, it has also noticed that it can make noises and is having fun with this. The more you talk back, the more your baby practices its noise repertoire. And it gives you the opportunity to play and be together with your baby.


    Your baby loves all this attention and interaction. The laugh of your baby is also called bonding behavior. This is because this makes parents fall totally in love with their baby, causing them to try harder to please their baby. Your baby smiles at everyone who looks at him/her. It won’t get selective and save his or her best smile for you until it’s six months old.


    Have you already received a beautiful smile? Most babies give their first conscious laugh about six weeks after the due date.

    Your baby is already moving a little bit towards independence. If you place the baby on its belly, he or she can maybe lift its head to see the world. Turn this into a fun game and always sit in front of your baby so he/she can see you. Do this by putting your baby on your chest. Lying this way may take some getting used to, but nothing is more enjoyable than learning this with some skin to skin contact and mommy or daddy’s face as a reward. Do wait a while after feeding, otherwise there is a good chance that all the milk will come right back out.


    Around six weeks babies seem to cry more. They often experience a crying peak at the end of the afternoon and in the early evening. This is probably just as you are getting ready to cook. Perhaps your baby needs to process all the impressions of the day and literally discharge, or maybe its intestines have a lot to process. You baby can only calm down with your help. No matter how hard it is around this time of day, hold your baby close to you and sing its favorite songs. Carrying your baby in a sling or carrier is a great way to do this. This way, your smell, voice and warmth can calm your baby down, while at the same time your hands are free.

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