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Adjustments due to increase of Corona Infections

Vroedvrouwenpraktijk van der Hoopstraat

, 7 oktober 2020 11:43Laatste update op: 7 oktober 2020 11:47

Because of the increase of Corona infections in Amsterdam we have to make some adjustments to our office hours

Dear clients,

Unfortunately, we have to make a number of adjustments due to the increase in the number of Corona infections in Amsterdam.

Consultation hours:

Partners are welcome at the intake and at the appointment about the delivery.

As much as possible, come alone, without children and other people.

Of course, exceptions are possible, but please consult us in advance, call the practice between 9.00 and 12.30 or send an email.

Presence of the practice assistant:

For the time being, the assistant works at home on Wednesdays. The practice can then be reached by telephone between 9 a.m. and 12.30 p.m. You CANNOT come by on Wednesdays to weigh your baby or pick up forms. On the other working days, the assistant is present at the practice from 8.45 to 15.30.

Furthermore, the following measures remain in effect:

Do you have a cold, cough and / or a fever: do NOT come to the practice. Of course, this also applies if one of your family members is ill. Call or email to cancel your appointment and the assistant will make a new appointment with you. If you have an appointment at the practice, wash your hands upon arrival and keep your distance from other people present. If the waiting room is too busy, we ask the partners to wait outside until you are called in by the midwife.

We leave the door of the practice open as much as possible because of the ventilation.

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