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    English invitation for Corona Booster

    Gepubliceerd op: 10-8-2022Bewerkt op: 10-8-2022
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    Invitation Corona repeat vaccination

    Dear client,

    Have you been vaccinated against corona before? In that case you can get a repeat shot. You are receiving this invitation because you have a higher risk of becoming ill from the coronavirus during pregnancy. In this letter you can read how to schedule an appointment. You will receive the vaccination at the GGD. You choose whether you want to get the repeat vaccination or not. The vaccination is free of charge.

    This invitation is personal and cannot be given to anyone else. People who have not received an invitation cannot schedule an appointment yet.

    Why another repeat vaccination against corona? You can receive a repeat vaccination so that, from the autumn, you are extra protected against the coronavirus. We expect the infections to increase in the winter. Even if you have previously been vaccinated or if you have already had corona, you can still become (seriously) ill from corona. The new vaccine offers protection against more variants than the original vaccine. As a result, you will not get sick or become less ill from the coronavirus.

    When? Did you have your last vaccination or a corona infection at least 3 months ago? You can schedule an appointment with the GGD from October 10.

    How to schedule an appointment?

    • Go to: www.coronaherhaalprik.nl.
    • Log in with your DigiD.
    • Answer questions about your health.
    • Choose a place, date and time.
    • You will receive an email with confirmation of the appointment or you write it down yourself.

    Questions about your health A questionnaire is also included with this letter. Complete this at home and take the completed questionnaire with you to the appointment.

    Which vaccine? You will receive the renewed vaccine from BioNTech/Pfizer or Moderna. You can’t choose. With this vaccine you are better protected against corona.   Vaccination at home Are you unable to come to a GGD vaccination location yourself or with the help of others? Then contact your GP for vaccination at home. If it is possible to go to a GGD location; please book an appointment with them; it will be faster.

    Important for the appointment: • Take a mask with you. • Put on clothes that allow you to expose your upper arm. • Take this letter + completed health questionnaire with you. • Take ID with you (passport, driving license or ID card).

    Meer information? For more information about the vaccination, visit the website www.coronavaccinatie.nl or www.vragenovercorona.nl. You can also call 0800-1351 (free of charge).

    Kind regards,

    Midwives Kinderrijk Meerhoven / Midwifery Practice Eindhoven


    • Health questionnaire

    Your data and the RIVM

    RIVM keeps track of which people receive which vaccinations. If you agree RIVM will receive information about your vaccination. That’s important because: • This way RIVM knows how many people received a vaccination. The more people who have been vaccinated, the less the virus can spread and make people sick. • RIVM also conducts research into how long the vaccine works and how well it works. • If RIVM has your details, they can contact you if there is new information about side effects.

    What does RIVM want to know from you? • Your date of birth • Your BSN • Your first and last name • Your address • Date and place of your vaccination • Vaccine name and number

    What do you have to do? If you schedule an appointment online, you will be asked whether you agree with RIVM storing your data. You can answer yes or no. When you call, you are being asked if you agree. If you don’t want RIVM to store your data, you will still receive the vaccination.

    Storing your data RIVM stores your data for 20 years. This is obliged by law. Only people who run the Vaccination Program can view your data. Researcher scan also view data, but only anonymously. They therefore do not see any private information about you. You can also say later that you no longer want RIVM to store your data. In that case go to www.rivm.nl/vaccinaties. You will need your DigiD.

    More information If you want to know more about the use and safety of your data, visit www.coronavaccinatie.nl

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