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    , 21 maart 2019 14:45Laatste update op: 7 februari 2106 07:28

    Children can be vaccinated against many childhood diseases. In order to avoid as many of these diseases as possible, it is best to give your child all the recommended vaccinations.

    How do vaccines work?

    A vaccine contains a microbe or a molecule that can arouse a reaction of the human immune system. By coming into contact with this, our immune system learns the best way to combat certain illnesses. In some cases the immune system’s memory needs to be trained a little, which is why some vaccines are given several times. Not all vaccines are injected. There are also vaccines given as drops orally.

    Have your toddler vaccinated against measles, mumps and rubella with the MMR vaccine (or 3-in-1 vaccine). This is recommended from the age of one and for all women of fertile age. Also check whether your child is properly vaccinated against whooping cough.
    Whooping cough has been increasingly prevalent these past few years and can be dangerous. The vaccine can be given simultaneously with the DPT vaccine, which also protects against diphtheria (croup), tetanus and polio.

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