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    Pregnant - week 9

    ZP® - English

    , 17 januari 2019 12:17Laatste update op: 2 augustus 2019 16:08

    Your uterus is now approximately the size of an egg with a three-centimeter child inside.


    The nausea in the first three months of pregnancy mostly occurs early in the morning when your blood sugar level is still low. In spite of the nausea, it is important to continue to eat well. This is important for you and your baby, so the baby can develop as optimally as possible. Not all food is good for your baby.

    Apart from the usual signs of pregnancy (painful breasts, nausea, fatigue) you can also feel a little different. Pregnancy complaints are very personal and can differ from person to person. Feel free to ask your obstetrician for advice. The obstetrician is there to guide you through this period in a way that is as pleasant as possible for you.


    The embryo is now increasingly starting to look like a little person. Fingers and toes can already be counted, as these are now clearly visible. It’s now about the size of a grape. The nose, eyes and mouth are more clearly formed and the face is also a bit more refined. You can’t see it from the outside yet, but the ears are also starting to develop.

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