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    Pregnant - week 6

    ZP® - English

    , 17 januari 2019 12:07Laatste update op: 2 augustus 2019 16:07

    From this week the heart of your baby is beating. The beginning of its blood circulation is now also being built up.


    You may now not only suffer from your hormones and sensitive breasts, but also from nausea and constipation. Many of these discomforts will disappear in the course of the pregnancy. In spite of the days with nausea, often in the morning, it is still important to keep up a balanced dietary pattern, so your baby can develop as optimally as possible.
    Please note: what you can normally eat without problems, could harm your baby because of certain substances and bacteria.


    The baby is already three times bigger than last week, about the size of a lentil. It has a regular heartbeat.
    Its heartbeat is twice as fast as that of an adult. The brain is now also being formed.


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