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Pregnant - week 34

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, 18 januari 2019 12:54Laatste update op: 2 augustus 2019 16:13

Your legs are often suffering heavily from your pregnancy. You may now be dealing with cramps in your legs.


If you normally suffer from varicose veins, these can worsen during pregnancy. Your blood pressure may now be slightly higher again and you may have to take it easier. You may also suffer from swollen hands and feet. This is why you should try to get as much rest as possible, preferably with your feet up.


The baby is descending into your pelvis which means that he or she is less and less able to move freely. The baby is now more than 42 centimeters long and weighs 2250 grams, the size of a butternut squash. Your baby’s weight is continuing to increase.

Its eyes react to bright light and he or she is practicing blinking with its eyes. The soft downy hair your child was fully covered in is detaching and ending up in the amniotic fluid. Your baby is ingesting these hairs because tiny sips of amniotic fluid are constantly being swallowed. This causes the hair to stimulate the intestines and the stool is getting started.

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