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    Pregnant - week 33

    Gepubliceerd op: 1-18-2019Bewerkt op: 8-2-2019
    ZP® - English Gepubliceerd op: 1-18-2019Bewerkt op: 8-2-2019
    Geschreven door: ZP® - English
    You will notice that your mind sometimes wanders, you sometimes forget things or find them less important.


    Avoiding tension and stress is important. You start to forget things. You regularly bump against things. Your balance also is no longer what it used to be.

    This makes a lot of sense.
    First of all, your body is much larger and heavier than normal. Secondly, pregnant women tend to increasingly retreat into themselves by the end of the pregnancy. Your energy and thoughts increasingly go to your body and your baby and work towards the moment of delivery.

    No matter how hard it is sometimes, you must put yourself first. If you’re tired in the evening, don’t plan anything during the evening. Indicate what you can and cannot do and don’t feel guilty about saying no.


    The baby is now over 40 centimeters long and weighs 2 kilos, about the size of a bunch of celery. Your child is now probably lying in the position it will be born in.
    Most babies are now in head-first presentation. This allows the head to adapt perfectly to the shape of the pelvis during delivery.

    The fingernails have now fully formed, the toenails have not. Your baby is still practicing its breathing in preparation of the delivery, the lungs have almost fully developed.

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