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    Pregnant - week 32

    ZP® - English

    , 18 januari 2019 12:47Laatste update op: 2 augustus 2019 16:13

    It is a good idea to get enough rest.


    Enjoy the last weeks of your pregnancy, talk to your baby and sing songs. Now that your baby is so much bigger, you may sometimes feel a foot get stuck behind your ribs. If you child is now lying head down, you may feel the head press against your pelvic floor muscles. This can sometimes cause ligament pain, especially after a busy day.
    Resting on time and sitting or lying down prevents the pain from getting worse.


    The baby is 40 centimeters long and now weighs 1800 gram. This is about the size of a squash.

    When you’re busy, your baby is usually sleeping because he or she is rocked to sleep by your movements. Just when you want to relax, the roles are reversed and your baby becomes active. You can sometimes even see all this activity of your child when looking at your baby, which pushes out or moves around.

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