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    Pregnant - week 30

    Gepubliceerd op: 1-18-2019Bewerkt op: 8-2-2019
    ZP® - English Gepubliceerd op: 1-18-2019Bewerkt op: 8-2-2019
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    Around this time, the uterus can begin to press against your ribs and this can make you feel short of breath. This is because your uterus is now about halfway between your navel and breastbone.


    Continue to communicate properly with your partner about your feelings and expectations. In this phase of the pregnancy you can be very busy arranging various matters, which can be hard on your relationship, because there might be less time for each other.


    There is less and less room in your belly for the baby to move and turn. Your baby is now approximately the size of a cabbage. He or she might already be lying with its head down, but it may also lie in a breech position. Don’t worry about this right now. Your baby has at least three to four weeks to turn in your belly.

    With the extra fat the baby has gotten these past few weeks, he or she is more capable of keeping warm. Your baby can therefore take off its downy jacket. These hairs will detach in the next few weeks. The detached hair ends up in the amniotic fluid and therefore also in the baby’s intestines. This makes for good intestinal training.

    Your baby is experiencing a growth spurt with regard to the amount of brain tissue. He or she is getting increasingly smart, while you have the feeling you are getting increasingly forgetful.

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