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    Pregnant - week 25

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    If all is well, you are looking healthy and glowing because of the increased blood circulation in the skin.


    It is almost time for another appointment with your obstetrician. Make sure you visit him or her by next week at the latest.

    You may also suffer from Braxton Hicks contractions. These happen when the uterus is practicing for the delivery. If you often suffer from Braxton Hicks contractions and it’s also painful, it is wise to inform your obstetrician. Pressure from the growing uterus is possibly causing cramps, backache, heartburn and frequent visits to the bathroom.

    The strain of the pregnancy can cause high blood pressure and this could cause problems at the end of your pregnancy. You can’t feel high blood pressure yourself, although dizziness, fluid retention and increased headaches are signals that your blood pressure may be too high. Recognizing this yourself is difficult, which is why your blood pressure is measured during each checkup. If your blood pressure is on the high side, your obstetrician will probably recommend resting more and you may be checked more often.

    Bladder infection and pregnancy

    During pregnancy you have more of a chance of getting a bladder infection. Due to a weakening of the urethra and the changing position of the bladder, it is possible for some urine to be left in the bladder. Bacteria really enjoy this breeding ground. Bladder infections are therefore a frequent pregnancy complaint, which is thankfully easy to treat with antibiotics. The antibiotics you are prescribed when you are pregnant can’t harm the baby.

    If you aren’t pregnant, you can more easily recognize a bladder infection than during pregnancy.
    Symptoms that could indicate a bladder infection are:

    • A constant nagging feeling in the abdomen
    • Regular Braxton Hicks contractions
    • Cloudy urine
    • The feeling that you have to pee, but only a little bit comes out every time.

    If you are doubting whether you have a bladder infection, it is wise to discuss this with your obstetrician and have your urine checked by the doctor.


    The baby is busy developing its lungs further. The baby is now 32 centimeters long and weighs 650 grams, about the size of a cauliflower.

    It is also working hard on forming subcutaneous fat, so the baby can stay at the right temperature upon delivery and of course be cute and round.

    To train its muscles properly, your baby has to move a lot, which is why it will feel very busy inside your belly. But even now, it will sleep most of the day. Your baby’s heart rate is now becoming more and more audible.

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