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    Pregnant - week 2

    Gepubliceerd op: 1-17-2019Bewerkt op: 8-2-2019
    ZP® - English Gepubliceerd op: 1-17-2019Bewerkt op: 8-2-2019
    Geschreven door: ZP® - English
    At the end of this week the ovulation has taken place and the egg cell will be fertilized, which is the start of a new life.

    Subsequently, the fertilized egg cell goes through the Fallopian tube on the way to the uterus. One sperm cell will fertilize the egg cell in the Fallopian tube and continue its journey to the uterus for the implantation.
    If the sperm cell contains an X chromosome, a girl will grow, and in case of a Y chromosome, a boy!

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