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    Pregnant - week 12

    Gepubliceerd op: 1-17-2019Bewerkt op: 8-2-2019
    ZP® - English Gepubliceerd op: 1-17-2019Bewerkt op: 8-2-2019
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    You’ve reached the magical milestone of 12 weeks. Almost a third of the pregnancy has passed.


    What’s more important is that the chance of a miscarriage is now significantly smaller. Most miscarriages take place between the eighth and the eleventh week of pregnancy. Between now and week 20 you will gain about a quarter of your pregnancy weight. You will probably also feel better and more energetic than in the past few weeks.

    Healthy diet

    A healthy and varied diet is important, especially when you are pregnant. Some women notice they are lacking something because they suddenly have an urge for something, like salt or fruit. Listen to your body carefully.

    Decreased resistance

    Your resistance decreases slightly during a pregnancy. Depending on your eating habits, it may be good to take supplementary vitamins. You should make sure that you take multivitamins that are especially designed for pregnant women. These have adapted amounts specifically for a woman’s needs during pregnancy.


    First milestone. All the baby needs to do now is grow. The main organs have been formed. The weight of the baby is now approximately 20 grams and it is about the size of a plum. First the baby was fed by the yolk sac, now the placenta completely takes over the function of the yolk sac. The baby is now completely fed by the placenta up to the birth.

    From now on, it is often possible to hear the child’s heartbeat. The heart rate of the fetus is between 110 and 160 beats per minute and its chest starts to rise and fall. Practicing of future breathing movements has begun. The facial features are becoming increasingly clear, although you can’t see this clearly on the ultrasound yet.

    The fingers and toes have now fully formed and are getting little nails. Your baby can even suck his or her thumb. Amniotic fluid is swallowed and urinated out in order to learn to swallow and drink. This same amniotic fluid is completely refreshed every day, so that the waste products are constantly disposed of.

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