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    Pregnant - week 10

    ZP® - English

    , 17 januari 2019 12:21Laatste update op: 2 augustus 2019 16:08

    A lot is happening. For example, at the end of this week the placenta and the umbilical cord, which consists of three blood vessels, have formed.


    The amount of blood in your body is increasing, which may cause you to feel warmer than usual. Your uterus is now as big as an orange and with your changing figure you might feel better in loose clothing.


    Your baby is fed through the umbilical cord and starts a growth spurt and will now grow approximately two centimeters a week. It’s now about as big as a strawberry.

    Although the fetus is still very small, about four centimeters from the tip of its head to the tip of its buttocks, it has all it needs. Its main organs have started to form and are in the right place. They only need to develop and grow more. The auricles are now visible on the side of the head, which is growing fast to make room for the brain. We now no longer call this an embryo, but a fetus. The body of the fetus is getting longer and the fingers and toes are clearly marked out, but are still stuck together with soft tissue.

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