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    Verloskundigenpraktijk Femme-Amsterdam Gepubliceerd op: 6-13-2023Bewerkt op: 5-2-2024
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    MINDFULNESS AND BREATHWORK FOR PREGNANCY, BIRTH AND RECOVERY @ FEMME AMSTERDAM A Series of workshops created for an expecting mama. Join all, l or only the ones that interest you.

    MINDFULNESS AND BREATHWORK FOR PREGNANCY, BIRTH AND RECOVERY @ FEMME AMSTERDAM A Series of workshops created for an expecting mama. Join all, l or only the ones that interest you.

    “The intention behind creating this series of workshops is to help you to become an expert in her own breath. So much that you wont need to ‘remember’ how to breathe when contractions start. You will simply know the basic principles. You will also become much more comfortable with your own mind and in your body, having more trust and awareness. You will learn about and practice tools like breathwork, meditation to process emotions and self compassion. These skills will not only help you support yourself during pregnancy and childbirth. They will stay with you and enrich your life and relationships – forever.” ––– Katia Khomich, a Yoga Therapist, Mindfulness coach.

    Why to join? This is a unique program bringing together breathwork, mindfulness and conversation for birth and beyond. It is designed to help you seamlessly build habits around optimal breathing, paying attention to your body and emotions, responding to stress and discomfort and processing a variety of emotions – wisely. I believe that you should not wait for your first contraction in order to start breathing mindfully. You can start implementing habits of focusing, feeling and thinking – today.


    May 21, Tuesday, 7pm – Become an expert in your own breath and learn to use it in pregnancy, childbirth and life in general, wisely

    You will discover the untapped potential of your breath as your true partner in the journey of pregnancy and childbirth. In this 55 min workshop, you'll delve deep into the art of calming and soothing breathwork, unlocking its profound benefits long before the first contraction.

    Say goodbye to the anxiety of forgetting breathing techniques during labour; instead, embrace its benefits daily, using it through every stage of your pregnancy, delivery, and recovery.

    What You'll Learn:

    Understand your unique breathing patterns. What serves you? What does not? What does it really mean when we are asked to take a deep breath? How can we reduce tension in our body by simply breathing in a more optimal way? Embrace breath and visualisation to navigate through active labour. This 55-minute workshop isn't just about theory—it's an immediate call to action.

    May 28, Tuesday, 7,30pm, in person at Femme – Everything you need to know about meditation for pregnancy and childbirth. Practice and discussion on the experience of being 'one breath at a time'

    Build the muscle of mindfulness and start using it immediately today. After this workshops you won’t need to rely on meditation apps or audio recordings.

    Create personal experience of what it really means to be present, calm, connected and courageous as you find yourself in the midst of uncertainty and beauty of pregnancy and childbirth.

    What You'll Experience: Practice staying present amidst the timelessness of labour, moment by moment. Experience the principles of mindful being and birth and seamlessly integrate them into your daily life. Cultivate a mindset of curiosity, courage, and compassion, empowering you to face any challenge with patience and trust. Start seeing that in every moment there is a space for choice.

    June 4th, Tuesday, 19:00, in person at Femme – Learn to wisely process emotions in pregnancy and postpartum. Practice and sharing.

    Transform emotional turbulence into strength with an practical algorithm designed to help you navigate the rollercoaster of feelings during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Through immersive training and supportive discussions, you'll feel equipped to process emotions with newfound resilience.

    Highlights Include: Discover an algorithm for processing emotions, fostering inner peace amidst uncertainty. Strengthen your emotional bonds as a couple, embracing discomfort of not knowing.

    June 11th, Tuesday, 19:00, in person at Femme – Learn how to use your mind for pain management during labour.

    Become familiar with an arsenal of mindfulness tools proven to reduce perception of pain and discomfort during pregnancy and childbirth. Through hands-on practice and discussions, you'll gain invaluable insights into pain management mechanisms, leaving you feeling empowered and prepared for the journey ahead.

    June 18th, Tuesday, 19:00, in person at Femme – Learn science proven benefits of self compassion for pregnancy, childbirth and recovery. Practice and discussion.

    Experience the transformative magic of self-compassion and loving-kindness, weaving a tapestry of connection and joy throughout your pregnancy and childbirth journey. Start experiencing the myriad benefits of these practices, from reduced anxiety to a profound sense of connection with yourself and others.

    Sign up by sending an email to Katia kkhomich@gmail.com

    About Katia Khomich

    Katia is a Yoga Therapist, Mindfulness coach and women’s health behavioural coach. Her mission is to inspire 10 000 expecting women to learn breathwork, mindfulness & mindset tools, and approach pregnancy, giving birth and… life in general in an empowered, wiser way. This program consists of all the tools she is practising herself while expecting her second baby. Instagram: @katiakhomich_

    Why join this program? Mindfulness and breathwork have been shown to be very effective not only during childbirth, but also during the postpartum period and in life in general. More and more midwives, doulas and doctors recommend practicing at least some form of mindfulness and breathwork during pregnancy. Mindfulness and breathwork equip a mother with very practical tools which leave her empowered, confident, compassionate and curious. This program compliments and will enrich any birth preparation course you are following.

    *What others say: “Doing mindfulness training during pregnancy is a great gift to yourself! Katia’s course has helped me cope better with challenging experiences during my pregnancy, such as fear, discomfort and negative thoughts.The course has helped me become more positive, resilient, present and compassionate in a period when all of that has been much needed.” Mari

    "*I found the workshop very useful. Hearing about mindfulness and practical tactics on how to incorporate that in our daily lives was very beneficial. I did also like connecting and hearing from other moms about their experiences.I would highly recommend mindfulness to everyone who is pregnant." – Diana

    “I had a wonderful experience in this class. Can’t emphasise more the importance of taking a moment to slow down, be present, and relax (which is crucial for expecting and new moms). I'd give a solid 10/10. The instructor's voice had a transformative quality, guiding us to different dimensions during meditation (prior body movement exercises have definitely helped too). This class provided ample time for reflection and helped me feel grounded in the moment and for a few days after. Highly recommended!” – Dina

    Warm regards on behalf of our whole Femme team

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