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    Your privacy is important to us

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    , 29 mei 2020 14:39Laatste update op: 12 juni 2020 18:52

    The strength of zwangerenportaal.nl is sharing information about your pregnancy between you and your healthcare provider. This is sensitive information, where privacy and security are of great importance. Your privacy is our top priority and your data are safe at zwangerenportaal.nl.

    How does zwangerenportaal.nl protect your data?

    NEN 7510

    zwangerenportaal.nl is NEN 7510: 2017 certified and the security is tested periodically.

    Secure exchange of data

    To ensure you and your baby’s health, it is possible that your record is shared with other healthcare providers. This is done in accordance with the guidelines of the Client Rights Act for electronic data processing.


    zwangerenportaal.nl acts according to the GDPR, this means that your data is not shared for no reason. Your data will only be used for research if you have given explicit permission for this.

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