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    An unforgettable journey with zwangerenportaal.nl

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    , 29 mei 2020 15:38Laatste update op: 12 juni 2020 18:54

    Being pregnant is a special time in your life. At zwangerenportaal.nl we do everything we can to make this journey even more special and unburden you so that you can enjoy your pregnancy as much as possible.

    It al started with a wish..

    With this pregnancy (probably) a great wish will come true for you. From that moment on, zwangerenportaal.nl is here for you. To get to know your cycle, what is and what is not good for your fertility and what signs you can recognize a pregnancy, but also at the moments when a pregnancy does not occur and you would like to discover the possibilities.

    That magical moment

    Do you remember? That moment when you had the positive pregnancy test in your hands? A confirmation that a beautiful miracle is growing inside your belly. We want you to stay on this pink cloud for as long as possible and therefore share the weekly development of your body and your little one so that you know what's happening inside your belly.

    A lot to discover

    During your pregnancy a lot comes at you. The change of your body, ultrasounds and checks at the midwife, a different lifestyle and of course the baby equipment. Rest is very important to you and your baby. Therefore you can find all the information you need in one place: zwangerenportaal.nl. So you don't have to spend hours looking for information and use this time to relax and enjoy the miracle that grows in your belly.

    The change of your body

    You are pregnant and that is a great feeling. It is not surprising that your body has to get used to the little one that grows inside your belly. Therefore, you can experience discomforts and ailments, fortunately there are many things you can do against it and it will disappear again.

    All that cute stuff

    Prepare yourself as well as possible in the months before your baby is born. Not only physically and mentally, but also so that your little one has everything he needs. The baby room, maternity clothes, baby carrier. But also bottles, teats, diapers, linen, hydrophilic cloths and of course those cute baby clothes. And have you already thought about the birth announcement or a newborn shoot? The costs quickly accumulate. We therefore help you to save on these costs.

    Meeting your baby

    You are looking forward to this for months: the first meeting with your baby. You want to absorb this moment as well as possible. To ensure that you enter the delivery in a relaxed state, we inform you about everything you need to know. So you know what to expect before, during and after the delivery and which choices you can make so that this moment matches your wishes and needs as much as possible.

    The first times

    You can finally enjoy the first moments with your baby. Every day you are amazed about the development your little one is going through. The first smile, the first word, the first bite. Not only are there first times for your baby, but maybe for you too. Changing the first diaper, bathe your baby the first time, feed your baby the first time. We prepare you as well as possible, so that you can face the first times with confidence.

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