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    How can we help you? 8 functionalities in a row.

    Gepubliceerd op: 5-29-2020Bewerkt op: 6-12-2020
    ZP® - Magazine Gepubliceerd op: 5-29-2020Bewerkt op: 6-12-2020
    Geschreven door: ZP® - Magazine
    We try to relieve you as much as possible during this special time in your life. There is a lot to take in during a pregnancy, we understand you have not discovered everything yet what zwangerenportaal.nl can offer you. That is why we have listed all the functionalities for you. This way you will know exactly what zwangerenportaal.nl provides, so that we can help you the best we can during this beautiful adventure!

    1. View medical record

    You can easily view your own medical record at zwangerenportaal.nl. Your midwife will update all the information related to your pregnancy. This will keep you well informed on the developments regarding you and your baby’s health. Did you not link your record yet? You can take care of it within one click.

    2. Sharing your record

    To ensure you and your baby’s health, it is possible that your record is shared with other healthcare providers. For example, this happens when (acute) care must be provided in the hospital. Because they can view your medical record, they can provide the best care based on your data.

    3. Video consultation with your midwife

    If you cannot physically go to the doctor’s office, you can use the video consultation. This has many advantages compared to calling. Because your midwife can see you, she can better assess certain symptoms and ailments. This video consultation takes place in a safe environment and is only visible to you and your midwife.

    4. Weekly mail

    Based on the due date, you will receive a weekly email with relevant information about the current week of your pregnancy. This way you will know exactly what is going on with you & your baby that particular week.

    5. Chat with your midwife

    There is a lot of (new) information to take in during your pregnancy. Your body is also undergoing a major change. You have probably got many questions. You can easily ask these questions through the chat with your midwife. The advantage of the chat, compared to telephone contact, is that you can tell your story at any time of the day.

    6. Your midwife's channel

    When you register on zwangerenportaal.nl, you automatically follow the channel of your midwife. You will receive a notification as soon as your midwifery places information. This way you will always stay up to date.

    7. zwangerenportaal.nl channels

    You can also visit zwangerenportaal.nl for hundreds of informative articles, research, (entertainment) news about pregnancy, childbirth and baby’s. Do you want to stay informed on the latest news? Follow these channels. You can always find the latest news on our homepage.

    8. Family Benefit Program

    During and after your pregnancy, the costs quickly add up. With the Family Benefit Program you get discounts on high-quality products and services, because your little one deserves the best, right?

    Feedback or questions?

    Let us know, so we can continue to optimize our services. We would like to receive all questions, tips and feedback about zwangerenportaal.nl. If you have any medical questions, always contact your healthcare provider.

    Security & privacy

    The strength of zwangerenportaal.nl is the ability to share information about your pregnancy between you and your healthcare provider. This is sensitive information, where privacy and security are of great importance. At zwangerenportaal.nl, your privacy is our priority and your data are safe. Zwangerenportaal.nl is NEN 7510: 2017 certified and acts according to the AVG.

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