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    Dealing with pain during labor

    Gepubliceerd op: 2-28-2019Bewerkt op: 8-2-2019
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    Pain management during labor: is this always medicine?

    Of course you know the horror stories that are told about labor. How much it hurts and what you can experience. It is not always wise to listen to these stories because every delivery is different. Still, it’s important to be informed about possible pain management during labor and this doesn’t always have to be medication.

    Tension and anxiety about the delivery

    Giving birth is very exciting and not only if you are going to have your first baby. A second or third birth is also exciting, each birth is unique. This tension and anxiety may cause the birth to take longer. This is why it is important to reduce tension. Everyone deals with pain differently, so the amount of pain that a delivery will entail cannot be specified.

    What causes pain during a birth?

    The contraction of the uterus during birth is the cause of the pain. It begins slowly and then reaches a peak, after which the contraction ebbs away slowly. It begins with short contractions with long pauses in between these contractions. The duration of the contractions increases and the pauses get shorter. The longer the contractions take, the more painful they become.

    In general, the dilation progresses, and dilation contractions begin. These open the cervix, which most women experience as being extremely painful. The pain is often felt in the lower abdomen but also in the back. Pushing can be painful but can also be experienced as a relief. This differs from person to person.

    Is pain management always medicine?

    When thinking about pain management, many people immediately think of medicine, but by preparing yourself properly mentally and physically, you can already achieve a lot when it comes to controlling pain.

    There are many options of pain management during labor that do not necessarily require medicine. It is important to examine which way suits you best or whether you want a natural birth or one with medicine. What is most important is to go into labor with as little stress as possible, so you should choose what makes you feel most comfortable.

    Which choices do I have?

    First of all, proper guidance is of major importance. An experienced person can provide you with the right advice and give you the confidence you need to be able to relax. So make sure you have someone you feel comfortable with and who you trust.

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